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G4 LED Bulbs

Energy in the form of electricity is a common necessity for modern life. We all know that our life and lifestyle would come to a standstill without electricity; yet we still misuse this form of energy every day. Reducing energy consumption whilst maintaining a perfect balance of nature, we need something that will consume less energy and produce better results. In the past, halogen bulbs were used in the majority places but the main drawback of these is they get hot quickly and of course, consume a high amount of electricity.

Since the introduction of LED bulbs, for example a G4 led bulb, the concern regarding the excessive usage of electricity seems to come to an end. G4 led bulbs are also known as 12v G4 led bulbs as they can sprinkle light beams at a voltage, which is as low as 12 Volt. Using these bulbs is not only an energy-saving solution, but also a cost-effective elucidation. As they consume low amount of energy, your electricity costs will become much lower than before..

What is G4 led bulb?

G4 led light bulbs belong to led bulbs family, but they have some distinct features and discrete characteristics. Every LED bulb has two separate pins inside. These are called cathode (the positive pin) and anode (the negative pin). For 12v G4 led bulbs, the distance between the cathode and anode pin is only 0.16 inch, or more specifically 4MM. For this reason, the bulb is named as ‘G4’. The prefix ‘G’ is used to signify the glass material that is used to manufacture such lights. ‘G’ quality glasses can cope with heat, hence perform heavy duty and have a unique feature of resisting UV ray. Thus, G4 led light bulbs exerts light rays, which are not harmful for our eyes.

Benefits of using 12v G4 led bulbs

The biggest benefit of G4 led light bulbs is that these bulbs help to reduce carbon footprint. What is carbon footprint? The total amount of carbon dioxide emission that takes place due to our regular daily activities is known as carbon footprint. The best way of reducing carbon footprints is by using electrical appliances wisely. Installing G4 led bulb not only produces lesser heat, but also helps to reduce carbon footprints.

Have a quick glance at the benefits of 12v G4 led bulbs:

• Affordable and low power consumption is the main benefit of such bulbs. Thus, G4 led bulb is a perfect installation for common household uses.

• G4 led bulbs illuminate bright with zero harmful light rays.

• G4 led light bulbs are a complete Eco-friendly solution for the new generation.

• These are completely suitable for the contemporary household uses.

We endorse wide ranges of G4 led bulb. Select products from our featured product list, if you require these bulbs for furnishing home indoor or outdoor of your house.

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