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Power Supplies / LED Drivers

Now a days, LED lights are used everywhere. From the purpose of decorating your house or apartment with beautiful lights to energy efficient lights, LED lights are very useful. Whenever there is a celebration, you can use LEDs to create amazing effects at light. Now in order to provide them power, you will need a 12v power adapter which will provide the electrical power required.

Characteristic of a good 12v power supply

A power supply is an electronic device which is used to convert main AC power to regulated DC voltage for the use in different electronic devices. Electronic devices cannot handle the high voltage (220V) of the AC current. So they must be converted into low voltage DC current.

A 12v power supplying adapter is used for getting 12 volts as the output voltage. This is standard voltage for many electronic devices including the LED power source. If you are looking for decent 12v power supplies, you have to first consider some factors that will determine the quality of the adapter. These factors will determine the efficiency and longevity of the adapter-

1) The range of the input current of the device should be standard and internationally acclaimed. This is to make sure that the adapter will be working in any condition irrespective of the input current in different areas.

2) The 12v power adapter should be highly efficient. It should work in any condition even at low temperatures. Often the adapters are temperature sensitive. This may be problematic.

3) The adapter should have short-start circuit and also features like limiting value of AC surge current.

4) One of the most important features that a power adapter should exert is that it must protect itself and others from any kind of adverse situation. Such situation may be due to short circuit or overload. Also, the 12v power supplies should be protected from over voltage. There must be mechanism to protect your electronic devices from being damaged too.

5) The adapter must be tested in 100% full load.

6) To improve the performance, the adapter should not be affected by Electromagnetic Induction. A built in EMI filter will help to achieve this. Also, the Ripple noise effect should be minimal.

7) The adapter should be compact in its size and light weight. This is very important as you don’t want a huge adapter always plugged in.

8) Along with all these features, 12v power adapter should be low cost while provides high reliability.

All these excellent features are incorporated in our products. High reliability and low cost is our specialty. We provide different types of adapters for your different use. Our adapters provide you the power to create masterpieces with LED light. As for an example, one of our products, 15amp/150watt 12v adapters supports 25 meters of 3528 tapes and 5050 LED tapes up to 15 meters. Check out our online catalog for other adapters. So next time you want to dazzle your house with LEDs, don’t forget to order our adapters.

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