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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you ship outside the UK?

We are happy to ship outside the UK, however we advise you speak to us directly before ordering to be given a price for the extra postage that you will have to pay.

I am local; can I collect my order from you?

We are happy for people to collect from us. We are open Mon – Fri 9am-5pm. We advise contacting us before collecting in case of the unlikely event we are out of the office.

Can I open trade account with you?

Yes we can offer a credit account to our customers. Contact us directly for more information about this service.

Can I receive a VAT invoice?

All our website orders create an automatic VAT receipt. We can also email you a copy if required.

I am new to LED bulbs; do I need to do anything before purchasing LED bulbs to replace my old Halogen ones?

No. All our LED bulbs are direct replacements for halogen bulbs. Simply place into your fitting as usual and they will work brilliantly.

The wattage of your LED bulbs is low; will they be as bright as halogen bulbs?

Yes. Our LED bulbs use a much lower wattage to produce the equivalent level of brightness as their halogen equivalent, e.g. a 6W LED bulb will be as bright as a 60W halogen bulb. This allows you to save money on your energy bills.

Your LED bulbs are more expensive than halogen bulbs, are they worth it?

Yes. Our LED bulbs run at a much lower wattage than halogen bulbs. This means that even though the initial purchase of LED bulbs seems more than what you are used to paying, your overall energy consumption and therefore your energy bills will reduce. Switching to LED bulbs will ensure you benefit from long term savings.

What is the difference between Cool White and Warm White?

The difference between the two shades of white is due to the temperature the bulb runs at. Cool White bulbs run at 4500k to produce a much brighter clean light. This bulb is mainly used for people wanting a super bright light. Warm White bulbs run at 3000k to produce a much warmer yellow light more commonly used in living rooms and bedrooms. It all comes down to personal choice when deciding on the correct shade of white for your project.

I would like some strip lights, what is the difference between 3528 and 5050 strips?

The number simply refers to the type of LED chip used in that strip. 3528 strips are our most popular, emitting 6 lumens and consume approximately 0.06W. Our 5050 strips are much brighter emitting 18 lumens and consume approximately 0.18W.

Can I use LED strip lights in my aquarium?

You can use any of the LED strips lights in the Aquarium Lighting category for an aquarium / fish tank as they are designed for that purpose with a full IP68 seal and double insulated lead . You cannot use any other strip lights as they are not designed for this purpose and the damp condensed atmosphere will corrode the silicone.

Can I cut the strip light?

Yes. Our strips can be cut every 3 LEDs – simply cut at the copper points.

Can I connect multiple strips?

Yes. We offer a range of ‘solder-less’ connectors to suit a variety of projects. Alternatively you can solder the strips together using speaker wire. Ensure your power supply can power the amount of strips you connect to it. If in doubt please contact us before connecting multiple strips together. Please note that soldering the strips yourself will void your warranty.

Do your Floodlights come with a plug?

No. Most floodlights tend to be hardwired therefore we don’t provide a plug. If you do require a plug with your floodlight then please contact us.

Can I hard wire your LED Deck/Plinth lights?

No as the transformer is built into the plug. If you require your lights hardwired then please get in touch.

How far can your deck/plinth lights be spread out?

Each light has a 5 metre lead to the junction box; therefore they can be placed within a 5 metre radius of the junction box.

Can I cut your rope light myself?

Yes however we would advise not doing so unless you have electrical knowledge. If you cut the rope light you will need a new controller and end cap. IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU FIT AN END CAP ON THE CUT OFF PIECE AS A SAFETY MEASURE.

How much rope light can I run from one controller?

You can run between 2 and 100 metres with one controller. We can only provide an even number of metres as it Is not possible to cut the rope light in odd numbers due to the manufacturing process.

Can your rope light be hardwired?

We do not advise this but it is possible to cut off the plug and hardwire. Before attempting this please contact a qualified electrician to advise you.

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