LED Bulbs and Spotlights are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many home and business owners throughout the UK. Over the last few years LED Lighting products have increased at a rapid rate, the amount of online websites offering low energy products has also increased greatly.

A few years ago the amount of websites offering LED lighting was quite restricted, over the last few years this has changed dramatically with 1000’s of websites now offering energy efficient LED Lighting.

Due to the increased competition and wide range of LED lighting we offer, we have recently launched a new website with a wide range of LED lights and a simple navigation system to help customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Our new look website features everyday products such as LED Bulbs & Spotlights, LED Flood Lights, etc. We also have a wide range of decorative outdoor lights which are ideal for events such as Party Lighting, Christmas lights or even Wedding Lighting.

Our website and range of LED lighting is always increasing, if you are looking for low cost LED lighting with great service to match; then opting to purchase LED lighting from Strictly LED’s would be an excellent choice….