Over recent times the need for flashing strobe lights & amber beacons on vehicles has increased dramatically as we are constantly looking at ways to make the road a safer place. It’s now essential to have amber flashing strobes, beacons or light bars on vehicles which are used on motorways; it is also a legal requirement for oversized vehicles and an effective way of keeping the roads as safe as possible.

As the need for light bars & beacons has increased so has the amount of styles available. A few years ago all recovery lights & revolving beacons were manufactured from halogen bulbs; although these were effective they provided an inconsistent light which gradually faded over time. With the introduction of LED’s the visibility and reliability of light bars and beacons has improved drastically, furthermore; you now have the option of acquiring LED lightbars, beacons and strobe lights in a wide range of colours. Whereas in the past you were stuck with amber recovery lights, you now have the option of Red, Blue, White, etc. which cater for emergency services, off-road vehicles, etc….

As well as the improved functionality of LED’s, they also use a fraction of power in comparison with old revolving beacons. This has a substantial effect when you are using larger items such as 600mm LED light bars as they use less than a quarter the amount of power as the old halogen equivalent.

We at Strictly LEDs have an extensive range of fully compliant light bars & beacons, if you are looking at changing the lighting on your vehicles then please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.